Tunisia Country Code +216

Country calling code +216

Alpha-2 Code TN

Alpha-3 Code TUN

About Tunisia

Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, covering 163,610 square kilometres (63,170 square miles). Its northernmost point, Cape Angela, is also the northernmost point on the African continent. Tunisia is bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Tunisia's population was 11.5 million in 2017. Tunisia's name is derived from its capital city, Tunis (Berber native name: Tunest), which is located on its northeast coast. Geographically, Tunisia contains the eastern end of the Atlas Mountains, and the northern reaches of the Sahara desert. Much of the rest of the country's land is fertile soil. Its 1,300 kilometres (810 miles) of coastline include the African conjunction of the western and eastern parts of the Mediterranean Basin and, by means of the Sicilian Strait and Sardinian Channel, feature the African mainland's second and third nearest points to Europe after Gibraltar...

Tunisia Statistics

  • LAT/LONG: 33°53'31"N / 9°33'41"E
  • CAPITAL: Tunis
  • POPULATION: 11,781,838
  • AREA: 155,360 Km2
  • GDP: $39,952,095,561
  • TELEPHONES: 1,105,000
  • INTERNET USERS: 3,500,000

How to Call Tunisia from the US (or Canada)

Trying to call Tunisia from the U.S. (or Canada)? These simple dialing directions will help you:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. (or Canada) exit code.
  • Next dial 216, the country code for Tunisia.
  • Then dial the area code (1–3 digits — please see a sample calling code list below)
  • and finally the phone number (5–7 digits).

Travel in Tunisia

  • LANGUAGES: Arabic (official, one of the languages of commerce), French (commerce), Berber (Tamazight)
  • CURRENCY: Dinar (TND)

    Type C European 2-pin

    • Commonly used in Europe, South America & Asia
    • 2 pins
    • Not grounded
    • 2.5 A
    • Almost always 220 – 240 V
    • Socket compatible with plug type C

    Type E French 2-pin

    • Primarily used in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia
    • 2 pins
    • Grounded
    • 16 A
    • 220 – 240 V
    • Socket compatible with plug types C, E & F

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