Madagascar Country Code +261

Country calling code +261

Alpha-2 Code MG

Alpha-3 Code MDG

About Madagascar

Madagascar (/ˌmædəˈɡæskər, -kɑːr/; Malagasy: Madagasikara), officially the Republic of Madagascar (Malagasy: Repoblikan'i Madagasikara Malagasy pronunciation: [republiˈkʲan madaɡasˈkʲarə̥]; French: République de Madagascar), and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometres (250 miles) off the coast of East Africa. At 592,800 square kilometres (228,900 sq mi) Madagascar is the world's 2nd largest island country. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar (the fourth- largest island in the world) and numerous smaller peripheral islands. Following the prehistoric breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana, Madagascar split from the Indian subcontinent around 88 million years ago, allowing native plants and animals to evolve in relative isolation. Consequently, Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot; over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. The island's diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife are threatened by the encroachment of the rapidly growing human population and other environmental threats...

Madagascar Statistics

  • LAT/LONG: 18°46'37"S / 46°51'15"E
  • CAPITAL: Antananarivo
  • POPULATION: 27,472,760
  • AREA: 581,795 Km2
  • GDP: $11,499,803,807
  • TELEPHONES: 143,700
  • INTERNET HOSTS: 38,392
  • INTERNET USERS: 319,900

How to Call Madagascar from the US (or Canada)

Trying to call Madagascar from the U.S. (or Canada)? These simple dialing directions will help you:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. (or Canada) exit code.
  • Next dial 261, the country code for Madagascar.
  • Then dial the area code (1–3 digits — please see a sample calling code list below)
  • and finally the phone number (5–7 digits).

Travel in Madagascar

  • LANGUAGES: French (official), Malagasy (official), English
  • CURRENCY: Ariary (MGA)

    Type C European 2-pin

    • Commonly used in Europe, South America & Asia
    • 2 pins
    • Not grounded
    • 2.5 A
    • Almost always 220 – 240 V
    • Socket compatible with plug type C

    Type E French 2-pin

    • Primarily used in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia
    • 2 pins
    • Grounded
    • 16 A
    • 220 – 240 V
    • Socket compatible with plug types C, E & F

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