Smokey and the Bandit

Last month we welcomed in a new family member – Smokey the GSP (German Short Haired Pointer). You will remember that, in January, we lost our sweet Moose to an epilepsy-related accident. I was quite happy to wait it out until the time was right to add another doggie into the mix. I could not deal with the idea of starting from scratch with a puppy and all the work that would require. Yet, we could see that our other GSP  was pining and returning to her only-dogchild obsessive-compulsive ways by catching midges in the pool all day long. Literally, ALL DAY!

Re-homing was our best option. So many GSPs find themselves out of homes as they are oh-so-gorgeous as puppies yet are a handful. They need space. They need exercise. We contacted the GSP Rescue Team, and, before long (and sooner than I thought) we brought home a six-month old blue tick GSP (black not brown). His human parents had sadly had a medical emergency and a GSP puppy is a lot for anyone on a good day and certainly crazy for the medically challenged. He joined us as Snoot or Snooty and soon become Smokey. My son was clearly the Bandit – he kept on calling him “Hey, New Dog”. We are over this name teething period, thankfully.

What a beautiful hound! When we went to meet him, and we took Pepper the GSP with us, he was intrigued by this other big dog that looked like him, yet was brown. He was used to a small dog but this big one was another matter entirely. He kept hiding between my legs and not the other mommy’s. Yup, definitely my dog. He is very sweet, loves cuddles and on the GSP bezerko-scale is sooooooo relaxed. Yes, we have lost a long list of toys, socks, shoelaces and other items – chewed beyond recognition – yet he is one of our pack and is a beautiful addition to our family. Welcome, New Dog!

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