Farewell Moose!

It is with great sadness that we said farewell to Moose, our beloved two-year old German Short-Haired Pointer or GSP, who crossed the rainbow bridge on the 24 January.

In October last year, Moose started having seizures – about one every three to four weeks. These were traumatic, for humans and fur baby alike. We did all the tests and an MRI – all clear, which suggested epilepsy. Due to his age, and with only one seizure a month, the best treatment route was to treat the seizures as they occurred. As he was only two years old, the long-term impact of medication would be quite severe as his body would get more and more used to the medicine. Let me not even get started on the farcical task of injecting Valium up his rear mid-seizure, one of the treatments required. The other was getting four teeny-tiny white pills down his throat just after the seizure to prevent number two, three…..One day we had six seizures over a four-hour period without these white pills.

Sadly, in January, he had a seizure at the edge of the pool and drowned, literally in less than a foot of water. There was nothing we could do to revive him – we found him about two minutes too late.

These doggies really creep into our hearts. He was only with us for two years, but he left such a massive void. The house was eerily silent. It took our other GSP about two weeks to realise he was actually gone for real and her depression set in. We would have to get her another doggie, but all in due course. We gave Moose a beautiful funeral, next door to Shanti, our human-cat who passed in August at the goodly age of 14 years. It was an important opportunity for my six-year old son to learn about death and that while the body might be laying there, the soul has moved on and is somewhere else entirely: a transition we will all one-day face. A few days later my son told me confidently that Moose had ‘arrived’ safely. Sweet.

If you don’t know anything about GSPs, let me tell you they are a hand full! We so often see one-year old pointers being re-homed. They are super cute puppies and then….they go wild. They are highly intelligent working dogs who need training and loads of space.  In small gardens or homes where they are not well understood, chaos reigns supreme. So, let me tell you that Moose was a GSP supernova – cataclysmically super-charged and high-energy. If he was a human, we might be as bold as to say ‘manic’. Yet, he was also soft and gooey inside – always keen to sit next to you on the couch like a person and nuzzle in for cuddles.

Moose, we miss you my boy, and wish you happy days of chasing squirrels and pigeons in the afterlife. Thank you for the gift of our time together.


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