Carpool karaoke (without the singing and cool outfits)

I recently had the strangest meeting, or should I say, the most unusual location…

One of my colleagues called me up and said: “Belinda, you must meet this guy Kevin, he is very important. He is arriving via the United States and can only meet you between his arrival and a lunch meeting. Can you collect him at the airport?”

Sure, I said. I memorised his picture from his web site and waited (sans placard) to collect him. Airport collection is not a job I could do. It is actually really stressful. You find yourself scanning every face and wondering whether your collectee ever made it onto the flight.

We found each other and got chatting. He was from New York City and had never been to Africa, let alone South Africa.  He had flown into Johannesburg but had only spent 24 hours there. He wanted to check in at his Airbnb first and drop off his luggage before we had our meeting. An idea started to percolate…alas coffee did not percolate as well.

If you have never been to Cape Town, and you are only in the city for 48 hours, why oh why would you spend your few precious spare hours locked up in a cafe?

For the next three hours we had our meeting while touring the city and surrounds. Important business discussions and idea sharing were interspersed with “….and here is the stadium we built for the 2010 World Cup” or “when Mandela passed they projected a light image of his face on this piece of the mountain”.

With a few minutes to spare, I deposited my charge safely in front of his Bree Street lunch venue. It was indeed an unusual yet fun experience in my mobile office. Even though I love living in the country, I was reminded how truly beautiful Cape Town is and how blessed we are to have her.

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