Homegrown pumpkin fritters…flat yet a feat!

After harvesting our bountiful crop of pumpkins, a daunting challenge lay ahead: what, oh what, to do with all these pumpkins!? And, of course, the even greater challenge was chopping up all those darn pumpkins. Elbow grease awaited.

My awesome mom-in-law kindly provided the family famous fritter recipe, exactly as follows:  “Two cups cooked mashed pumpkin. Half cup flour, one teaspoon baking powder, one egg, two tablespoons sugar, cinnamon to taste. Mix all and fry spoonful in oil one side then flip and fry other side. Sprinkle more sugar if liked xxxx.” Sounds simple? Not so much.

Firstly the pumpkin preparation and cooking process. I kept the seeds and have dried them for planting next year. In cooking, what worked well was to caramelise the pumpkin in the pot first to bring out a stronger pumpkin flavour. I did not do this with a batch of pumpkin soup and it does make a big difference. We had let the pumpkins ripen on our hot roof for a good few months, so they were bursting with natural goodness.

Next came the mistake! Instead of reading the recipe properly and mashing the pumpkin, I got out the stick blender and whizzed them into a frenzy.  A lesson for next time. When it came to cooking it was kind of a flapjack affair and they were unable to hold their shape. This also made the flipping process not so flippen easy.

I persevered through it (along with uttering many words my five year old should not hear) and we landed up with a very tasty batch of fritters, albeit platannas (for those who know their frogs). I must say the pleasure of eating fritters from pumpkins grown in your own garden is something very special. Where on earth would we have had the space in our small town house to even contemplate such a large crop?

With four more pumpkins awaiting processing, knife skills should at least show some improvement!

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