Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin

Our very first crop of home grown pumpkins is ready! At the end of the season we have five large lovelies, which have all spent about one to two months on our roof, which apparently develops flavour in the sun and lengthens their shelf life.

Such great anticipation to cut the first one open. After a disastrous (watery and very unpleasant), solitary watermelon from a large crop of plants, it could have gone either way.

I am delighted to report that bright ‘orangey’ goodness was the result. Even Moose, our German Short-haired Pointer pup, was fascinated. It took me an hour to carve up only one – the rest await another day. The first batch went into pumpkin fritters (post to follow) and the rest were cubed and bagged for a future experiment.

Pump Seeds

There certainly is something magical about eating food that has grown in your own garden. We are busy drying out the seeds for reuse next season. And so the cycle continues…

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